My data has stopped working, what should I do?

Below we have provided some troubleshooting steps to solve common service issues:

  • Your device has signal
  • Wi-Fi is turned off.
  • Your device has the latest software version.
  • You're using the preinstalled browser, and not a downloaded third-party browser.
  • You haven't used all of your high-speed data. (Check Data)
  • You are using a phone compatible with ROK Mobile (Check here)
  • You have your Mobile data option set to ON
  • Roaming is OFF
  • Power cycle your device
  • Make sure to delete all VPN/Profiles on your device 
      • iOS - Settings → General → VPN/Profiles
      • Android - Settings → More networks → VPN
  • Master Reset the device (This step will remove all the information on your device, we recommend that you back up your device before moving onto this step)

When traveling make sure you are within our coverage (Check Coverage), we also recommend that you power cycle your device for it to update with local network towers and prevent any service issues. 

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