How does ROK Mobile determine what date I am billed on?

Your activation date is the day that your phone is activated and are first billed.Like with many other mobile carriers, a ROK Mobile service period is 30 days.

For Online Customers: The payment will begin processing 3 days before your expiration date, using the payment method on file. If the payment fails we send our customer a failed payment email and the payment tries to process once more on the day of expiration. This is to prevent any service interruptions.  

For Retail Customers: You must process a payment on or before your 30th service date. You can process a payment using any of the following methods:

  • You can use our MyROK application available via Apple App or Google Play Stores
  • You can visit using your Mobile device's internet browser
  • You can go to any ROK Mobile Authorized Dealer.
             To find the nearest location visit: Click Here
  • You can into log into your ROK Mobile account Online: Click Here
  • You can call our Customer Service line via 877-644-1182
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