How does ROK Mobiles Other CDMA service determine what date I am billed on?

Your activation start date is the day that your phone is activated. Like many other mobile carriers, a ROK Mobile Other CDMA service period is 30 calendar days starting with your activation date.

For Online customers: The payment processing period will begin 3 days prior to your expiration date with the credit card on file. If the payment fails we will notify you of the failure via email and request to update the credit card on file. Once a new credit card is uploaded, the system will attempt to charge your card on file on the date of expiration to prevent any service interruptions. 

For Retail Customers: You must process a payment on or before your 30th service date. You can process a payment using any of the following methods:

  • You can use our MyROK application available via the Apple App store and Google Play Store
  • You can visit using your Mobile device's internet browser
  • You can go to any ROK Mobile Authorized Dealer.
             To find the nearest location visit: Click Here
  • You can log into your ROK Mobile Other CDMA account Online: Click Here
  • You can call our Customer Service line via 877-644-1182
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