How do I manage my data?

Here are a few ways you can manage your mobile data:

  • Manage Apps data access
    Using your device you can manually turn off which apps are able to use data when you aren't using them:

    iPhone: Go to Settings -> Tap Cellular -> Locate the app you’d like to restrict data usage -> toggle the switch (Green/ON , Grey/OFF)

    Android: Go to Settings -> Select Data Usage -> Scroll down and select the app you wish to Restrict access to-> Scroll down once more and select Restrict Background usage

  • Turn WiFi Assist off
    Specifically for iPhones, you can turn off this option which automatically makes iPhones switch to mobile data when it detects a weak WiFi signal

    Go to Settings -> Tap Cellular -> Scroll down to the bottom of the screen -> Switch the WiFi Assist toggle to OFF

  • Turn on Data Stretcher
    Download the MyROK application to enable this setting and save data when streaming videos (Only available for Android devices)
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