Burial & Cremation Insurance FAQs

How do I designate a beneficiary to my policy? 
Upon activating your eligible ROK Mobile plan, ROK Mobile will email you a beneficiary designation form to complete your designated beneficiary. This information will be important to have on file in the event there is a claim. Should you have additional questions please contact ROK Customer Support by calling 909-597-7300.

How does my beneficiary receive the policy benefits if I am killed in an accident?
The beneficiary or guardian of a minor beneficiary must contact the insurance company by filing a claim at 844-300-2506, reference policy # 9908-07-49. A claim must be filed with the insurance company.

How do I change a beneficiary to my policy?
Please contact an agent at 844-300-2506. Please reference Policy # 9908-07-49.

How to file a claim:
Your beneficiary will contact the Claim Benefit Services P.O. Box 459084, Sunrise, FL 33345 or call phone number 844-300-2506.

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