How do the Anywhere Minutes work?

Anywhere minutes (otherwise known as PayGo or Promo funds) allow you to call 120+ countries being charged a per minute rate. GSM and other CDMA customers get up to $5 of free calling every 30 days.  At the end of 30 days, your account will be topped up to $5.  

In addition, no matter what plan you’re on you can purchase PayGo minutes through the ROK Talk app at any time. To purchase, go to the Account page on the ROK Talk app and purchase PayGo funds in increments of $5. You will need to provide your payment details. PayGo funds are good for 180 days.  

Some sample rates for $5 of funds:

  • Mexico – 454 minutes
  • Canada – 454 minutes
  • China – 357 minutes
  • India – 172 minutes
  • Dominican Republic – 172 minutes
  • United Kingdom- 500 minutes

For a complete list of destinations click here.

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